T’s Herbal Cabinet

T’s Herbal Cabinet

While most are now getting hip to the massive health and wellness wave taking place, the trend has been a lifestyle for others. T’s Herbal Cabinet is the brand that started in a kitchen in Brooklyn, NY back in 2014 by a young woman who began putting together herbal remedies for herself and others to help combat health issues. Her great interest in the many benefits of specific plants and their uses sparked when she was introduced to a plant that significantly improved throat pain she experienced due to smoking.

Over time as her knowledge grew and people recommended her to others for help, she dedicated herself to building a brand that would not only diligently seek for and provide carefully selected quality ingredients  but a brand that encourages individuals to take necessary steps needed in helping keep the immune system resilient. During a time such as now, we must all understand the importance of being health conscious and equipped with the best to help keep our immune systems strong.

The Moss Kit was formed after T’s supporters and customers wanted more of her concoctions. She felt determined to show individuals that they too can easily self prepare the perfect anti-viral supplement. All of our ingredients are carefully selected from origins such as Egypt, Croatia, and Jamaica, are non GMO, and natural. We take pride in providing consumers with touches of nature that will improve the quality of life. Pick your antidote at T's Herbal Cabinet.

Your health matters!

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