Elderberry & Clove Whole Kit

Cleanse your blood of toxins with the Burdock Root sea moss kit.

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Why The Moss Kit??

T's Herbal Cabinet is a brand dedicated to providing consumers with naturally grown ingredients, that are carefully sought out and prepared, for whoever wants to benefit from and enjoy the much more pleasant experience of having high grade, quality touches of nature on hand. All ingredients are in its natural form just the way it’s supposed to be!

The Moss Kit comes with purple sea moss, genus Gracilaria, a species of red algae from the waters of Jamaica, that contains purple phytonutrients due to its lack of exposure to the sun and not being bleached. As most of us know sea moss is extremely nutrient-dense and purple sea moss retains some purple goodness! All herb & spice bags are packed with high quality antibacterial and antiviral powerhouses such as Ginger Root, Mullein Leaf, Elderberry, Blue Vervain, and Ceylon ‘true’ Cinnamon, which all enhances the overall benefit of taking purple sea moss.

The Moss Kit combination makes for a perfect immune boosting supplement that can be added to teas, coffee, soups, pre-workout smoothies or as is, and did we mention that it is super easy to make!!!

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How to Clean & Hydrate Purple Sea Moss